Chitina Dipnet Hotline

Hem and Copper River Charters will operate when the personal uses dipnet fishery is open. When placing gear in line during the day, 6am to 6pm, you also need to put your name on a sign-in list, available with one of our employees. Our fare is $120 per person for your first 25 fish and $20 extra on each additional 1 to 10 fish upon return. Couples fishing the same permit are $110 per person. This first opener you will be allowed to stay out fishing for the entire 24 hours if need be, spots will be limited. No checks or credit cards accepted. We don’t take reservations, instead we work on a first come, first serve basis from a line that starts in front of a red cone all the way to the left hand corner of O’Brien Creek. Overnighters are welcome. A piece of gear like a cooler, dipnet or bucket holds your spot; but only if you are there when boat loading starts at 4:45am. Things to bring: HEADLAMP, dipnet, life jacket, tie off rope, stringers for 5 fish on each, hip boots, bucket to wash your spot, fillet or cleaning knife, warm clothes, only 60 qt. coolers or less allowed on the boats with food and drink.

Fishing Report: Thu, Aug 16th at 8:22am

The river has stabilized, and I believe will be dropping steadily now. It dropped quite a bit last night, we now have more spots and fishing seems to be good this morning. At this point fishing will be what it will be. To ride with us you only have two more days this week. We will still take people out Saturday afternoon for overnight and Sunday morning pick up. Then be close the rest of Sunday. Next week Thursday through Saturday will be the last opportunity to ride with us.We hope to see you soon.

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Fishing Report: Wed, Aug 15th at 5:30am

The river has come back up again, because of rain. We will be operating once again from limited spots. Be here on time for day charters 5:45am.See previous posts and the about us section for further information. We will be open through August 25th.

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Fishing Report: Mon, Aug 13th at 6:53am

Dip netting reopens this Thursday at 6 AM. Charters will be open at 5:45 AM Thursday morning. The river has continued to drop, and is at a good level. There has still been a lot of rain and we have no idea what the river will do.For the most part all of our customers Saturday and Saturday night got at least 20 fish per permit ,some doing much better. There should be plenty of fish to come. We will keep you posted as we get closer to Wednesday on what the river is doing. As you can see there are still some Kings being caught, but not many.

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Fishing Report: Fri, Aug 10th at 7:44am

The river has dropped about 4 feet, it is still high but seems to be on a downward trend. Charters will be open this afternoon to take overnighters out, Saturday morning 5:45 AM, we will take overnighters out Saturday afternoon for a 6:30 AM pick up Sunday morning. You can go out 6 AM Sunday and stay till Monday morning for 7 AM pick up, remember dip netting closes at midnight though. We will be closed the rest of Sunday. Dip netting will re-open 6 AM Thursday through Sunday. If the river continues to drop fishing should be excellent.

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